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Discover Cryoscreen®

Cryonic Medical has developed for many areas of activity a
NeuroCryoStimulation (NCS) device : Cryoscreen, your cold treatment tool.

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Cryoscreen's® technologies

The Cryoscreen device is a combination of high technology and comfort for optimal use.
Discover all its technical composition below.

  • High pressure nozzle

A CO2 jet at 50 bar pressure at -78 ° C output. The aluminum nozzle ensures a purity of the CO2 jet for a better comfort of the treatment. Other nozzles are available to vary the pressure and to treat sensitive areas.

  • Ergonomic handle

Handle the device comfortably. Ideally designed for optimal treatment.

  • LED Display

Visualize in real time the colorimetry of the areas to be treated on the screen. The ON / OFF button takes the picture of the screen. Visualize the temperature of the skin, control the thermal shock and the treatment time.

  • Data transfer

Transfer the photo data and recharge your device thanks to its USB connection.

  • Thermal camera

Target immediately the area to be treated with the integrated thermal imaging camera. Diagnosis and heat balance help available.

  • Secure trigger

A simple pressure allows to visualize the screen and to obtain a thermal vision. Higher pressure triggers projection of CO2 microcrystals.

  • Outdoor uses

IP22 : this device is waterproof for outdoor use in complete safety.

  • Mobile and autonomous

The device is lightweight and transportable in its briefcase. It is completely autonomous thanks to its mains rechargeable battery or a Power Bank supplied with the device.

Therapeutics, Sport and equine activity, an immediate thermal shock.

The “Neurocryostimulation” a CO² based technique that stimulates the skin receptors that send a powerful and very fast message to obtain a reflex response.

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